Coordinated Center for UEC Research Facilities
Division of key research facilities

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2010/12/17 Updated

Coordinated Center for UEC Research Facilities contributes not only to the advancement of education and research at UEC but also to the activities in collaboration with external institutions. The important activities are as follows:
(1) The encouragement of the widespread and efficient use of the equipments for the education and research at UEC.
(2) The management of the analytical and measurement equipments in the center.
(3) The research on the development of analytical and measurement technology.
(4) The encouragement of collaborative researches and fund entrusted researches.
(5) The acceptance of charged measurement requisition from external institutions.

The center consists of the Laboratory for Surface and Interface Structure Analysis, Laboratory for Chemical Structure Analysis, Laboratory for Materials Function Characterization, and Cryogenics Center.

Laboratory for Surface and Interface Structure Analysis Purpose
This laboratory performs the observation and structural analysis of the microstructures of various materials and substances using analytical transmission electron microscopes, scanning tunnel electron microscopes, an atomic force microscope, and other equipments.
Analytical transmission electron microscope (JEOL JEM-2100F)
Ultra-high-vacuum scanning tunnel microscope (JEOL JSTM-4500XT)
Variable-temperature ultra-high-vacuum atomic force microscope (Omicron VTAFM), etc.
Laboratory for Chemical Structure Analysis Purpose
This laboratory supports advanced research and education by conducting structural and molecular analysis as well as characterization of various materials using x-ray diffractometers, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, mass analyzers, and other equipments.
CCD single-crystal x-sray diffractometer (Rigaku, Saturn70 CCD)
Fourier transform NMR spectrometers (JEOL ECA-500, Varian Unity 300)
ESI-TOF mass spectrometer (JEOL JMS-T100 AccuTOF), etc.
Laboratory for Materials Function Characterization Purpose
This laboratory conducts advanced research and education using equipments for characterizing a wide range of materials and analyzing these specific functions.
Superconducting quantum interference magnetometer (Quantum Design MPMS-XL7)
Electron spin resonance spectrometer (Bruker ESP300E 9/2.7)
High-precision 3D measurement system (Tokyo Seimitsu ZEISS PRISMO Navigator5 S-ACC mass), etc.

Cryogenics Center
This center supplies liquid nitrogen and liquid helium as coolant for scientific and engineering activities in UEC. The center supplies liquid helium also to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Main equipment for coolant production and recovery

Helium liquefier Linde (TCF 50) 60L/h
Helium compressor Kaser (DS241) 840m3/h
Liquid helium reservoir Cryofab (CMSH2000) 2,000L
Helium gas recovery Burckhardt (C5U2.12) 14.7MPa 90m3/h
Helium gas reservoir Assembly 24 cylinders 14.7MPa 1,8003
Liquid nitrogen cold evaporator reservoir Iwatani Gas (CEA-10K) 9,700 L

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